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One of the best things about Twitter is the very smart people who have offered us bite-sized entertainment through their contribution of parody accounts.

Today I want to highlight 12 of the best parody accounts Twitter has to offer.

These are hard to do well and have a notoriously short lifespan, as many of the best parody accounts in recent years have capitalized on passing moments in pop culture.

A prime example of this is @AdeleDazeem, based on John Travolta’s infamous butchering of “Let it Go” singer Idina Menzel’s name at the 2014 Oscars – hilarious in its prime but soon forgotten.

While some of the parody accounts listed below may soon fade into obscurity, others have had their comedic value validated through years of existence.

And all are worth following.


  1. Emo Kylo Ren (@KyloR3n)

Brilliant in concept and execution, this handle skewers both emo hipsters and Kylo Ren, the emotional and whiny antagonist of Star Wars: Episode VII.

Even better, Emo Kylo Ren recently traded barbs with a newer Episode VII parody account, Very Lonely Luke (@VeryLonelyLuke). Given that Episode VII reveals that Luke Skywalker is now in self-imposed exile, these tweets catalog his deep thoughts.

  1. GS Elevator (@GSElevator)

Purporting to be things overheard in the elevators at Goldman Sachs in New York, this account is hilarious because it’s just as classist, sexist and offensive as you’d believe the wealthy one percenters are.

(Side note: I have ridden in the GS elevators in NY. In general, nobody talks. That said, security is impressive – you have to type in the floor number from about 20 feet away under the watchful eye of security, and then wait for the elevator that goes directly to that floor.)

This account has since been revealed to be (mostly) fiction from the mind of ex- Salomon Brothers bond trader John LeFevre.

Still, it was so well done that Goldman purportedly launched an investigation into the identity of the accounts author early on.

  1. Sarcastic Rover (@SarcasticRover)

Launched more than three years ago, this collection of snark from the Mars Curiosity Rover is still going strong, thanks to author Jason Filiatrault.

  1. Modern Seinfeld (@SeinfeldToday)

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 17 years since Seinfeld went off the air.

That makes me feel old. And to rub it in, @SeinfeldToday exists to masterfully update the characters’ antics for the modern world.


5. Dystopian YA Novel (@DystopianYA)

A few years ago, I went through a dystopian young adult fiction phase, devouring The Hunger Games trilogy before moving on to the Divergent series and a few others.

Thankfully, a string of underperforming movie adaptations likely indicates this fad is (finely) fading, but (lucky for us!) the parody Twitter account by Dana Schwartz lives on.


  1. Prof Jeff Jarviss (@ProfJeffJarviss) 

    This parodies the lingo & hubris of content marketing. May be an in-joke for all of us involved in content marketing, but in an era where suddenly *everyone* is a *brand* this author gets it.


And, given the absolute cluster that LinkedIn Pulse has become over the past year, this next Tweet is close to my heart.


7. Kim Kierkegaardashian (@KimKierkegaard)

It’s brilliant parody mash-ups like this that keep me living in DC. Everyone in DC is over-educated, and a shocking majority are incredibly witty and smart, too.

So whoever came up with the concept of mixing Kierkegard quotes through the filter of Kim Kardashian gets my respect; that they then maintained quality execution of said concept for four years and running blows my mind.

8. Bored Elon Musk (@BoredElonMusk)

There’s a case to be made that technology billionaire Elon Musk is the Thomas Edison or Leonardo Da Vinci of our time, having made incredible strides in such disparate fields on online payments (Paypal), electric cars (Tesla), space travel (SpaceX) and solar power (SolarCity). 

Thus, we have @BoredElonMusk, a catalog of imagined crazy ideas that pop through his head. To whomever dreamed this up, I’m jealous.

9. Guy in Your MFA (@GuyInYourMFA)

Confession — Once upon a time, I considered an pursuing an Master’s of Fine Arts (MFA) in Creative Writing (fiction). A few classes in creative writing in undergrad changed my mind, as I found most of the aspiring writers even more pretentious and insufferable than the aspiring law students. Still, I respect anyone willing to go to great lengths to pursue their art. For all of you who now DO have to suffer from those dweebs in your MFA class, this Twitter handle’s for you.

10. TLDR Wikipedia (@tldrwikipedia)

The name says it all: caustic summaries of Wikipedia entries. #Love.

11. ThingsWhiteFolksLike (@Things4WhitePpl)

This is like that old blog “Stuff White People Like” but updated for the Twitter Age. And it’s glorious.

12. Fake AP Style Book (@FakeAPStylebook)

For all my grammar nerds out there, and fellow journalists/PR professionals who have to keep up with the changes to the AP Style book each year to stay relevant.


There you have it – my picks for the best of the parody Twitter accounts.

Any that I’ve missed?

Let me know in the comments below!



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  1. Peter Morscheck | June 10, 2016 at 9:11 am | Reply

    Thanks Anne! And Happy Anniversary!!

  2. Great, now I have 10 more accounts to follow! I already had BoredElonMusk and SarcasticRover. 🙂

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