About Me


Thanks for stopping by.

I’m a public relations and marketing consultant in Washington, DC, where I work for a firm called MSLGROUP. My job is to get companies positive press and make them look good.

Why should you care?

Because I came to public relations from a non-traditional background, both academically and professionally.

My academic background is not in communications but rather in literature, Japanese, law and business.

Over the last fifteen years I’ve worked on Capitol Hill, for the Japanese government, for global law firms and for PR agencies big and small. (You can see my full bio here).

These experiences have shaped my views on marketing in a global context, and given me some uncommon insights into the business of marketing and branding.

So this site is a space where I hope to refine, record, and share my views on the latest and most interesting things happening in PR, marketing and branding, be it corporate or personal.

I hope you find value in these posts and are inspired to share, react to and engage with them.

– Peter Morscheck

December 2015