BoJack Horseman – 10 Best Tweets


My friends know I’m a huge fan of the Netflix cartoon BoJack Horseman.

It is, simply put, brilliant.

Basically, it’s an alternate reality version of “The Bob Saget Story,” wherein we’re asked to follow the exploits of a washed-up former ‘90s sit-com star as he tries to:

  1. Mount a comeback; and
  2. Find meaning in his life.

Our hero, BoJack, spent the 1990s starring as the dad on a hit TV sitcom called “Horsin’ Around.”

The analogy to Bob Saget’s character on “Full House” couldn’t be stronger.

20 years later, BoJack is still ridiculously rich, but lazy, an alcoholic, and depressed – even as he craves a return to the fame he once enjoyed.

He also strives (maybe) to finally gain * respect * as an actor by starring in an Oscar-caliber biopic of one of his heroes.

With me so far?

The kicker to this:

BoJack is a horse.

And he lives in a world where humans co-exist with all manner of anthropomorphized animals.

One of the running gags is that no one seems to notice – there’s no distinction made between humans, cats, seals, whales, dogs, or horses.

The entire show is brilliant – and becomes increasingly more so as the seasons progress and the meta-theme becomes apparent:

BoJack Horseman is a meditation on ennui and depression – on the struggle to find meaning in our lives, regardless of our fame or wealth.

BoJack on Twitter

As someone who uses and advises on social media professionally, I’m a fan of parody Twitter accounts.

The genius of the Bojack account is that it is – by definition – parody.

Netflix brilliantly markets the show by giving BoJack – a cartoon character – a platform on Twitter to be his usual acerbic self.

For the last 3.5 years, over more than 8,500 tweets so far, Netflix has given their atypical antihero not just a persona, but a soul.

And in return, the account’s amassed more than 200,000 followers.

Welcome to ingenious marketing in the social media era.

BoJack’s Best Tweets

Some of my favorite tweets are below:

Star Wars Day

Even BoJack celebrates May the 4th.

The Oscars

This was brilliant, as a key Season 3 plot point is Bojack is nominated for the Oscar for Secretariat, only to be told days later it was a mistake and he wasn’t actually nominated.

Art imitates life? Or vice-versa?

Valentine’s Day


Another plot point is that early on, Bojack goes on a drunken bender and steals the “D” from the Hollywood sign in order to impress his ex.

More evidence of the show’s genius?

From then on, everyone just refers to the town as “Hollywoo.”



Pokemon Go

Humility, Part 2


Character Actress Margo Martindale

Again – this was perfect.

Several episodes of the show go out of their way to laud under-appreciated character actress Margo Martindale.

So, it couldn’t be more perfect when – several months later, she was honored with an Emmy in real life.

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