Bow Wow Gets Busted – When Social Media Influencers Fake It



Last week, Variety broke the story of how rapper Bow Wow (formerly “’Lil Bow Wow” for those of us of a certain age) was recently busted for posting misleading pics on Instagram.

Basically, Bow Wow posted this:

But a bit later, Instagram user “Osama Bin Drinkin” (props to the user name!) posted a shot of Bow Wow next to him on a flight – flying coach.

This, of course, blew up in Bow Wow’s face.

Turns out, the rapper not only didn’t own (or rent, or was even flying) on the private jet pictured on his Instagram feed – not even the photo of the jet was his!

So, in short, another B-list celebrity faked an Instagram photo to show he was still about that (aspirational) life.

Maybe he’s still licking his wounds that Ludacris basically took his spot in the Fast and the Furious franchise?

50 Cent

To me, this was still not as funny as when rapper 50 Cent’s bankruptcy judge called him out for claiming he was broke while continuing to pose on social media surrounded by ridiculous amounts of cash.

Buckets of Love 😏💰no big deal this short paper. Lol #FRIGO #SMSAUDIO

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50 Cent’s bankruptcy judge ordered the rapper to appear in court, saying she was “concerned about allegations of nondisclosure or a lack of transparency in the case.”

In court documents, creditors alleged that he had failed to disclose property he owned, as well as payments he likely got from public performances. At the time, he owed creditors ~$30 million.

I understand the need for celebrities to keep up their image on social media – in a way, it’s little different from fashion models whose every photograph is airbrushed and computer-assisted.

Cindy Crawford


As supermodel Cindy Crawford famously once said, “Even I don’t wake up looking like Cindy Crawford.”

But instances like this — especially so soon after the fiasco that was the Fyre Festival — demonstrate the absurd pressure on celebrities to portray a certain image for their brand — even if it’s fake.

And serve as a good reminder that often what we see on social media (or in magazines) isn’t aspriational, it’s just fiction.

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