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Welcome to the January edition of Curation Corner, my periodic list of the best recent articles in marketing, branding and public relations!

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Trending Content of the Week: All Is Quiet on New Year’s Day

LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions Blog, Jan. 1

So it’s probably cheating to include a round-up post of “best marketing reads” in my own round-up post of “best marketing reads” but Alex Rynne kicked off the new year with her usual superb compilation of the best marketing articles that closed out 2015.

Included are posts are “How to Create the Perfect Headline” from Pratik Dholakiya for Convince and Convert; “How to Create Your Social Media Strategy” from Post Planner’s Rebecca Radice; a great video on how to overcome “Brand Fatigue” by Moz’s Rand Fishkin; and several posts on the state of “Content Strategy” on the cusp of 2016.


Six Essential Ingredients for Effective Content Marketing

Lewis Global Communications, Jan. 3

A short and basic review of the core elements of content marketing that are required for effectiveness, this brief read is a good reminder to remember the fundamentals when creating new marketing pieces.


What Mattered in Media in 2015

NPR, Jan. 4

As the title implies, this short piece by Eric Deggins reviewed the most significant stories and trends to impact media in 2015, from the rise of Donald Trump to a changing of the guard among TV shows, the premiere late-night talk shows, the rise of streaming television shows, and continued influence of the #BlackLivesMatter meme that originated on Twitter.

Of these, I believe the biggest lasting impact will come from how Donald Trump reshaped the presidential campaign by leveraging his celebrity status for millions of dollars of free earned media coverage.


16 of the Best Brands on Instagram Right Now

HubSpot Blogs, Jan. 28

Self-explanatory. Several years into the meteoric rise of visual communications in the PR world, brands continue to lag behind in their effective use of channels such as Pinterest, Instagram and SnapChat.

This review by Lindsay Kolowich of some of the most innovative brands on Instagram is required reading for marketers heading into the new year.


The 10 Best Deadpool Marketing Stunts

ScreenRant, Jan. 28

We’re still nearly two weeks away from the debut of Deadpool, the latest comic book film from Fox’s X-Men universe, but Ryan Reynolds’ viral social media marketing campaign has been met with acclaim and raised anticipation for the first solo movie featuring this C-list character.

I’m both an avid comic book collector and Ryan Reynolds fan, so I am inordinately biased, but the marketer in me can’t deny that the diversity and humor of this marketing campaign has surprised me.

Thus, this article by Bobby Anhalt is worth reading and the marketing tactics therein are worth studying.

Still, the piece omits my absolute favorite piece of the Deadpool campaign so far, the fake trailer that recast the reportedly “Hard R” rated film as a romance movie. While independently produced by a fan rather than the studio, I hope Fox paid editor Anthony Marchiando for this genius (and entirely misleading) take on the film:

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