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Welcome to the July edition of “Curation Corner,” my list of the best June articles on marketing, branding and public relations!

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20 Business-Building Alternatives to Trolling Social Media

Entrepreneur, June 1

This short piece by business coach Mike Loomis acknowledges how easy it is to get sucked into a social media vortex.

He thus lists 20 valuable business-building alternatives to wasting time on social media, each of which takes just 20 minutes or less.

From drafting a hand-written “Thank you” note to a current or former client, to making a list of three publications you’d like to guest-post for, his breezy list is a solid reminder to business owners of all stripes of how consistent small investments of time can yield large pay-offs.


A ‘Star Wars’ Conundrum: Pros And Cons Of Making ‘Rogue One’ More Like ‘The Force Awakens’

 Forbes, June 1

Forbes film critic Scott Mendelson’s essay here on the broader message behind Disney’s rumored last-minute reshoots of forthcoming Star Wars film Rogue One is so dead-on it inspired me to write my own piece on the matter: Disney Is Wrong About Rogue One.

The key issue here is a quote he lifts from the original Page Six story:

“The money quotes in Kit’s piece are ‘tonally off with what a classic Star Wars movie should feel like’ and ‘one source describes the cut as having the feel of a war movie.’ The reshoots will allegedly lighten the mood, add some jokes, and make the film more in tune with the tone of The Force Awakens.”

Ultimately, we’ll see how the film plays in December.


7 Big Trends That Are Shaping the Future of Digital Advertising

AdWeek, June 1

A review of Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends report, this short article highlights several of the biggest trends in digital, including:

  • Continued growth in mobile
  • That Facebook and Google controlled 76 percent of internet advertising growth last year
  • Millennials spend more minutes per month on Facebook than Snapchat, Instagram and other platforms


What ex-PepsiCo CEO Roger Enrico Taught Business Following the 1980s Cola Wars

Fortune, June 3

This excellent piece by Paul Pendergrass summarizes the strategies that recently-deceased ex-PepsiCo CEO Roger Enrico used to successfully combat Coca-Cola’s roll-out of New Coke in the mid-1980s.

As a marketing case study, the 1980s Cola Wars has since become a staple of business schools everywhere.

This brief retelling is a reminder of how number two companies in a competitive market can engage – and sometimes successfully beat – market-leading incumbents.


What’s Hot on beBee!

beBee, June 4

Spain-based social media platform beBee emerged last year as a European competitor to the shared content platform LinkedIn Pulse.

While I’m still skeptical that it will ever reach the critical mass / tipping point in the U.S. that it will need to effectively draw eyeballs away from LinkedIn or Medium, I did join the platform last month.

beBee’s worth watching this year, particularly since LinkedIn recently changed its algorithm to dramatically limit the number of views granted to independent authors on Pulse.

This article is an analysis by beBee early adopter Dean Owen on the hottest topics on beBee, based on his own publication of 51 articles in two months, garnering him a collective 92,000 views.


Why These 21 Headlines Went Viral (and How You Can Copy Their Success)

 OptIn Monster, June 6

The title says it all in this article by Tom Southern.

At the end of the day, bloggers, marketers and brands everywhere crave that post that will go viral and thus vault their traffic into the stratosphere.

The headline is a large part of that battle, and you could learn much from the case studies (and explanations) that Southern presents here.


Can Netflix Survive In the New World It Created?

The New York Times, June 15

This article by Joe Nocera examines how Netflix revolutionized television, greatly decreasing the influence and market share of both network and cable outlets – and the troubles it now faces amid new competition.

Netflix now competes with other streaming services that produce original content, including Amazon, Hulu, and Vimeo, as well as increased licensing fees and greater restrictions on content from studios like Time Warner and 20th Century Fox.

Long, in-depth, and well-researched, this feature is a warning sign that Netflix’s meteoric rise may soon be at an end, as it falls victim to the forces of a maturing new television market that it pioneered.


Did I miss anything? What were your favorite articles in the areas of branding, marketing or public relations in June?

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