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Welcome to the June edition of Curation Corner, my periodic list of the best May articles on marketing, branding and public relations!

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Why Snapchat’s Influencer Economy Runs on Hot Tubs, Selfies, and Whey Protein

Bloomberg Businessweek, May 25

This piece by Max Chafkin is worthy of a deeper analysis via an independent blog post later.

Suffice it to say that this is the second major article Bloomberg Businessweek has run on Snapchat in the last two months, and there’s a reason. The platform is the hottest app/news outlet out there, and the vast majority of brands are still trying to figure out how to leverage it.

Even more importantly?

This week, Bloomberg reported that 4-year-old Snapchat has surpassed 10-year-old Twitter in daily active users. Specifically, Snapchat now has 150 million daily active users vs. ~136 million for Twitter.

Moreover, Snapchat’s daily users are Millennials or Gen Z (i.e., users under 30 years old – the coveted next generation of consumers).

The lesson for marketers?

Learn Snapchat now or play catch-up (and pay more for the privilege) later.


What Disturbed Me About the Facebook Meeting

Medium, May 19

That’s it – Hell has apparently frozen over.

Not only have I read something by conservative journalist Glenn Beck, but I’m recommending it (hat tip to Dick Keil for flagging this!).

I offered my thoughts on the revelation last month that Facebook’s curated “Trending Topics” sidebar was intentionally censoring and/or omitting topics from conservative sources here.

This is Glenn Beck’s response, and it’s surprising.

He essentially expresses shock and dismay at the conservative right’s response to the Facebook revelation, as it’s disproportionate and boils down to demanding “affirmative action for conservatives” and they should be better than that.

It was a surprising (and important) read.


Eight Unique PR Tactics That Are Sure To Grab Your Audience’s Attention

Forbes, May 13

This is a great (and short) piece by the Forbes Agency Council on unconventional but effective PR tactics – such as sending personalized “thank you’s” to clients, stirring the pot by publicly banning something, or holding a press conference with local business and political leaders.

Too often in public relations, we get stuck in the same cycle of messaging, design and reporter pitches – this article was a good reminder of how to shake it up a bit.


Why Reading This Article Won’t Help You Be a Better Entrepreneur

Gary Vaynerchuk, May 31

I love Gary Vaynerchuk. His tough love approach to entrepreneurial advice can be infuriating at times, but he has the track record to back it up. Here, he employs would-be entrepreneurs to “Stop reading and start doing.”

To wit, this is one of the most inspiring videos I’ve seen for budding artists, entrepreneurs or small business owners:

To me, his overarching point (and the point of this article) boils down to one word:


Do the work. Put in the time. As he puts it, “Do the work that doesn’t scale.”

There’s no shortcut to success.


LinkedIn’s First Competitor? beBee Buzzes into Social Networking.

Entrepreneur, May 23

Essentially bookmarking this to do a deeper dive into new social networking platform beBee later.

Here, contributor Matt Sweetwood offers the best overview of beBee I’ve seen yet.

Based in Spain, beBee has attracted 10 million active users so far in its bid to be a better version of LinkedIn by well, combining the “business resume” platform of LinkedIn with the “shared personal interest” platform (aka “Circles”) of Google Plus.

(I find this ironic because rolling out user-generated blogs via Pulse was LinkedIn’s own bid to compete with Forbes).

I don’t yet have an account on beBee and I personally need to add another social media site to my site like I need a lobotomy, but we’ll see – six months from now, this may be the *hot new thing.”


49 Surprising Tips for Getting Attention in Mass Media

Jeff Bullas, May 24

Jeff Bullas has been a top-tier social media blogger for more than a decade, producing quality listicles on social media trends for longer than most have had Facebook accounts.

That said, as much as I found his original site inspirational, somewhere in the last three years he’s updated it to a much more modern design and cleaner feel.

This post, by guest author Cam Secore (of, could just as easily have appeared in HubSpot’s blog, or an outlet like Entrepreneur or Forbes.

As someone who depends in large part on effective media pitches to do my job, the article gives a fresh take on tactics to more effectively pitch.

It’s rare that anyone can surprise me with new ideas on how to pitch media, but Cam did so.


Did I miss anything? What were your favorite articles in the areas of branding, marketing or public relations in May?

Let me know in the comments below.

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