The Dangers of Automating Digital Marketing – VP Debate Edition

Kaine Pence VP Debate


Automation has its place in digital marketing, but it also has its dangers.

No one saw this more than the poor staffer for the Republican National Committee who accidentally mis-timed the debut of a new blog post last night.

That post declared Republican VP candidate Mike Pence the winner of last night’s Vice Presidential debate a full two hours before the debate even began.

Pence Wins Debate Before It Starts


Look – we get it. The messaging is the messaging.

Of course Democratic operatives will have their “Kaine won” talking points ready while the Republic operatives will do the same on behalf of Pence.

But understanding time zones and how to properly set when web posts go live is a useful skill, particularly for those working in the high-stakes field of politics.

The funnier part to this incident, however, was the hubris of the error.

See this other page on the site, which boldly lists the “5 Questions Tim Kaine was not asked” – again, hours before the debate began:

Questions not asked at a debate that has not yet started

I have to wonder – were there staffers on tap to edit the post in real-time if the moderator did indeed ask one of those questions?

You know, like the social media staffers who quickly deleted this Donald Trump tweet during the first presidential debate after moderator Lester Holt dared to challenge Trump’s assertion that he’d “never said” global warming was a “hoax” perpetrated by China?

(Seriously – this happened. The Tweet was erased minutes after Trump’s live rebuttal.)

Digital marketing can be difficult even under the best circumstances. There are technical aspects that confuse and frustrate me, and it’s part of my job.

But to succeed at the complex task of articulating a client’s story to the public, you must first master the basics.

That includes knowing how to time when your latest web page goes live.

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  1. As someone who wants to better comprehend SEO and how to generate more traffic to my site, I really appreciate these details. Do you have any tips for someone like me who wants to do better?

    • Peter Morscheck | October 16, 2016 at 5:42 pm | Reply

      Teri – I appreciate your inquiry. I’m not an expert on SEO, let alone traffic generation — like you, I’m learning as I go. My best advice is to keep reading as I’ll share my further insights into building an audience and SEO optimization as I have them.

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