How to Go Viral on LinkedIn – A Social Media Case Study



Rule # 1 of business: offer value.

Rule # 2 of business: awareness is the first step of the sales funnel.

Simply put, you can’t sell to someone who has never heard of you.

This short LinkedIn post honored both of these rules and vastly increased awareness of, goodwill for, and engagement with the brand You Exec in a way I’ve rarely seen on social media:

Ultimate PowerPoint slides to save hours on your next pitch.

Here are 3 reasons why this post is one of the best I’ve seen on LinkedIn, and a perfect example of how to “win” via social media.

  • The headline is clear, concise and includes the value proposition to the reader.
  • The post is visual, including both sample slides and a video teaser of the deck.
  • The call to action is front-and-center and in bold. It asks for three things – commenting “yes” on the article, following a link to input your email address for delivery and (if you wish) “liking” the article.

Each of these things demonstrates a key understanding both of LinkedIn’s audience (harried executives) and of LinkedIn’s algorithm, which rewards posts with increased visibility based primarily upon comments, shares, and likes.

In particular, asking for comments is genius – as it virtually guaranteed this would go viral via LinkedIn Pulse.

So too, was giving readers the option to “Like” it last.

As any sales rep knows, one key is to get people in the habit of saying “yes.”

After someone has already bought in by saying “yes” to commenting (with a literal “yes” no less!) and submitting their email address, they are far more likely to hit the “like” button.

But none of this would appealing if the author had ignored Rule # 1:

This Powerpoint sales deck template offers concrete business value to the reader.

Proof Points

As of today, a little over three weeks since the offer for the deck was first posted on LinkedIn, the post has received:

  • More than 97,000 comments;
  • More than 53,000 likes; and
  • More than 11,000 shares.

Final proof of this article’s effectiveness?

The whole thing clocks in at less than 200 words.

Despite being my shortest blog post to-date, this analysis runs just over 350 words.

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