Sean Spicer’s Hitler Commments Weren’t a Mistake



By now I’m sure you’re aware that yesterday White House Spokesperson Sean Spicer erred horrifically in discussing Assad’s use of chemical weapons.

Out of nowhere, he invoked a comparison to Hitler, in which he tried to make Assad sound like the more evil party.

Not only that, but Spicer’s claims were wrong, tone deaf, offensive, and – at best – ignorant.

Sean Spicer’s Words

You can view what he said here:

Again, Spicer said:

  • In reference to the sarin gas attack, that Hitler never used chemical weapons (umm…they were called “gas chambers”)
  • That Hitler then never used gas against his own people (WRONG!)
  • He then referred to concentration camps as “holocaust centers”
  • As many have pointed out, he did all this during Passover.


Here’s the thing:

While I was as shocked and as outraged as everyone else on hearing of Spicer’s comments yesterday, this morning I have a different take:

Sean Spicer is smarter than this.

And Steve Bannon is smarter still.

My conclusion?

Sean Spicer’s gaffe yesterday was intentional – just the latest in the Trump administration’s ninja-level trolling of the media.

Because by fomenting outrage via this press conference story, the administration yet again deflects attention away from other issues, including the ongoing investigation into its ties with Russia.

Seriously, folks.

I believe Spicer said what he did yesterday intentionally, as part of a guided and coordinated effort to distract the American public – and journalists – from the many far more serious issues facing the nation – and the Trump administration itself.

Read critically, and keep your eyes on what’s really important here.

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