Spring Break

“Time flies, whether you’re wasting it or not.”

– Crystal Woods


This is my first blog post in seven weeks.

That wasn’t the plan.

The goal, the promise to myself when I started this project as my primary New Year’s Resolution for 2016, was to develop the discipline to write and publish roughly two posts per week – 30 entries by April 1, 60 by July 4, and an ambitious 100 by year’s end.

More than that, I wanted to beat the odds.

95% of bloggers quit in the first five months.

As in, less than 1 in 20 who start hitting “Publish” on Jan. 1 are still at it on July 1.

The odds are likely even lower for those who are still keeping to their New Year’s Resolutions in July.

So why the hiatus?

The short answer: life got in the way.

Over the last two months (what I deem my “Spring Break” from the blog):

  • We lost two staff members at work, and moved our office to a new location downtown.
  • I took a much-needed vacation to Hungary.
  • Some other goals took precedence.

The somewhat longer answer: I’m a big believer in periodic breaks – time off to assess – see what’s working, what’s not, and to re-balance if necessary.

This is particularly necessary for those living in DC, with its high density of overachievers and its workaholic ethos.

After all, time is our most precious commodity – it’s imperative to check in with yourself occasionally and ensure you’re using it efficiently.

I could give you a list of all the cool marketing and branding news that occurred over the last two months while I was otherwise engaged.

And I may, soon, with a backfill post or two on the best marketing pieces I read in March and April.

But the point is, whenever possible, spend your time on activities and with people you enjoy.

And don’t beat yourself up if (like me) you find yourself having to take a break once in awhile, even if it means progressing at a slightly slower pace toward your goal.

We only have a limited number of breaths on this earth.

Choose how you use to spend them wisely.

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